Forestry Cryogenics for Safety, Efficiency and Beauty

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Forestry Cryogenics for Safety, Efficiency and Beauty

In the forestry industry, we tend to think of products made of wood. However, the fact is that the people who harvest wood and tend to the forests that produce it are mostly using tools made of metal. From simple hand tools like saws and knives to high-powered machinery like shredders and tractors, forestry needs quality metal tools. Forestry cryogenics is all about providing people who work with trees with the tools they need to get the job done well.

What is forestry cryogenics?

Forestry cryogenics is all about improving the industries associated with forestry. Of course, the superior metal produced through cryogenic processing contributes to the efficiency of tools and machines. When tools and machinery break down or wear out, it obviously slows things down. That’s where MCT Cryo comes in. We create blades, machine parts and tools that last for a long time without losing their edge or their strength. It makes for an easier day on the job.


Safety also contributes to job satisfaction

MCT Cryo is a huge contributor to on-the-job safety. Stronger, more reliable equipment is absolutely necessary when working with trees.  Equipment failure causes unacceptable safety hazards when a worker is up in a tall tree, pruning heavy branches or sawing through the trunk. Safety is even more crucial when removing large, unhealthy trees, which can break and fall in unpredictable ways. Forestry cryogenics technology creates tools that will come through even on difficult jobs.

Of course, forestry-based industries aren’t just about harvesting trees. Many industries are all about conserving our forests through cultivation, wildfire prevention and tourism. MCT Cryo is proud to be a part of the effort to keep this world’s forests healthy. Whether it’s helping to fuel the world’s industries or preserve the world’s beauty, whether it’s keeping people safe or just making the job more efficient, forestry cryogenics is at the forefront of forestry technology.

How Cryogenics for Rifle Barrels Increases Their Life Span and Accuracy

Although cryogenics can be a difficult process to understand, it can be simplified by explaining how cryogenics for rifle barrels increases their efficiency, accuracy and life span. Just like with tools, at Millennium Cryogenic Technologies we can double the life expectancy of your rifle barrel, and as fellow Albertans, we know how important hunting season is.


With the short hunting season—if you’re one of the lucky ones who wins the hunting draw—you need a rifle that matches your stamina. The best way to do that is with cryogenics for rifle barrels.  Thankfully, we can do that for you.


How cryogenics for rifle barrels works


Simply put, a cryogenics rifle barrel treatment uses liquid nitrogen to lower the gun’s temperature to well below freezing. The rifle barrel is kept in this state for 24-hours to alleviate the lingering stresses and imperfections created when the rifle was being manufactured.


How cryogenics for rifle barrels increases life span and accuracy


After the cryogenics treatment the molecular structure of the rifle barrel changes, creating a major decrease in abrasive wear. Thus hardening and refining the rifle’s metal, making it more durable.  Each time you shoot your rifle, the barrel experiences fatigue and heat stress, causing your accuracy to decrease. Cryogenics for rifle barrels stops this from happening and you will instantly notice the following as well:


  • Increased shooting velocity of around 50-60 feet per second
  • Reduced wear, friction and heat for a more efficient barrel life
  • Smoother function when shooting, and tighter grouping for increased accuracy
  • Improved wear resistance for easier cleaning


It’s also important to note that cryogenics for rifle barrels only has to be done once to double the life span of your rifle.


At Millennium Cryogenics Technologies, we are dedicated to helping Albertans understand cryogenics and how it can be used in everyday life, and in industry. If you’re an avid hunter, or a beginner, try out cryogenics for your rifle barrel.  And if you’re curious about anything else to do with the cryogenics, check out our website, or contact us anytime.