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Cryogenic processing not only increases performance in high wear applications, but also provides a complete  stress relief process to remove any residual stress that may have been built up in the heat treatment, manufacturing, or machining stages.

Controlled thermal cryogenic processing for extended wear and stress relief of metals offers many advantages:

What We Do:

Material performance enhancement through Cryogenic Treatment

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Ground Engagement Tooling

Millenniums Cryogenic Process reduces costs of tooling including products with hard faced overlays.

Cryogenic Deflashing Service

Cryogenic high speed shot blast deflashing is a process used by the rubber industry to remove flash from molded rubber parts. The process uses liquid nitrogen, high speed rotation and media (shot blast) in varying combinations to remove the flash in a highly precise, economical and expedient manner. Parts that have thin flash can be quickly and thoroughly cryogenically deflashed. This process is exceptionally good at removing the inner dimensional and complex flash that cannot be removed by any other method.