About Us

Outstanding SphereMillennium Cryogenics Technologies is founded on two decades of experience.

Owner Russell McKay opened his first cryogenic company, Cryo-bond, in 1994.  He went on to found Millennium in 2001.  Since its inception, Millennium has been very well received in North America and abroad and provides services for many notable clients, including NASA.

Part of Millennium’s success lies in the age-old saying, “necessity is the mother of invention”.  McKay started a career in the oilfield in 1977, and after witnessing the frequent failures , wear and tear of oilfield tools and other equipment, McKay knew that cryogenics could benefit the oilfield and many other industries.

Mckay developed a method Patent “removing stators from tubular stator housings” McKay also developed a Patent for a large Company that services steel foundries worldwide.

Through cryogenic technology, Millennium enhances the performance of materials by increasing their wear resistance and mechanical properties, among other services.

Our Customer Commitment

Millennium is pleased to work with all our valued clients, from the local to the international companies. Each and every time you partner with Millennium, you can be confident that you are getting outstanding service at fair rates. It is our goal to provide you with the innovative solutions you need so your company can experience maximum efficiency.

Millennium Cryogenic Technologies does not directly offer or supply engineering services. All engineering services are provided through qualified and legally authorized third party companies and individuals.

Looking Forward

With an eye on the future, Millennium looks forward to our plans to expand our services in the Houston, TX area.