What is Cryogenic Stator Removal?

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The Benefits of Cryogenic Stator Removal

Millennium Cryogenic Technologies (MCT) has established itself over the past decade as a leader in cryogenics in North America, servicing a wide variety of clients including NASA. One of the many services offered by MCT is their patented cryogenic stator removal.

Through a controlled process that is both environmentally friendly and efficient, MCT removes stators from power sections and PCP pumps at a high speed. In addition to the removal, the process greatly improves the wear resistance and mechanical properties of the housing and tool joints. MCT offers this service for pipe sizes from 1” OD to 12” OD, pipe lengths up to thirty-two (32) feet, and with an average process time of six (6) stator housings per hour.

Our cryogenic stator removal process avoids thermal shock, which is traditionally a side effect of such a process that inevitably leads to micro cracking and distortion of the stator housing. Our unique process is patented in Canada and the United States (Canadian Patent 2371155 and RE44403 in the USA). Millennium Cryogenic Technologies Ltd. has a long history of combining experience and innovation to establish new technologies to assist in the oil and gas industry among many others, and cryogenic stator removal is just one example of this.

Cryogenic technology is used to facilitate advanced material performance enhancement through controlled thermal processing. MCT’s cryogenic processes more than double the wear resistance and durability of the majority of metals, ferrous and non-ferrous alike. Cryogenic stator removal further contributes to the efficiency of cryogenic processing as MCT serves to establish it as a must-have component in the industry.

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VIDEO: Millennium Cryogenic Technologies Stator Removal