Cryogenically Treated Brakes Last Longer

Put the Freeze on Brake Wear

If you have a fleet of vehicles, you know maintaining them is a huge business expense; but did you know that cryogenically treating your fleet’s brake rotors is one of the most effective ways to manage costs while increasing safety?  Let’s set aside fleet vehicles for a moment and consider the standard family sedan.  As of 2011 Census data, over 15 million Canadians commute to work and four out of five use a private vehicle to do so.  The average commute time one way was just over 20 minutes, but significantly longer (30 – 45 minutes) in parts of Ontario.  Let’s face it.  Canadians from coast to coast are on the road, in private vehicles, in tractor trailers, in fleet service and more. What is that doing to our brakes? It’s wear them out – fast.

Most brake rotors are made from grey cast iron.  Cast iron properties are determined by both chemistry and processing, which means the properties of grey cast iron can be changed after the item is forged.  That’s a good thing, because cast iron, while holding up well during compression, breaks down quickly under excessive tensile loading. When you consider the weight brakes carry in fleet service such as mail trucks, courier vehicles, and travel trailers, you realize just how much is riding on their optimal performance.

No matter what you drive or how carefully you maintain it, your brakes are going to wear out. Every time you apply the brakes, you wear them. If you are an aggressive driver or utilize a heavy or transport vehicle, your brakes will wear out faster.

What’s the solution? Cryogenics.

Cryogenically treated brakes are proven to be harder, more durable, last longer and be more resistant to warping. This is because cryogenically freezing brake rotors changes the crystalline structure.  Remember, cast iron is not “set in stone” so to speak. Thanks to its unique chemistry, its structure can be altered after it has been formed.  Here at Millennium Cryogenic Technologies, we take advantage of this chemistry loophole to provide stronger, cost effective, safer brakes.

Interested in cryogenically treated brake rotors, sales and service in Edmonton and area?  Whether you are shipping your rotors to us here in Nisku or in need of pre-treated rotors, we can help.  Contact us today to be safer on the road tomorrow.